Few questions and answers

Why do you collect?

I’ve been a hockey fan since I was a little boy. I always wanted to meet players and ask for an autograph.So whenever I had a chance to meet one,I always made sure to ask for an autograph.

You have an autograph that I would love to have. Want to trade?

Not unless you have a player’s autograph I really want.

Can you sell me on of your autographs?

No. My autographs are not for sale.

If you have a duplicate of an autograph,can you please give it to me?

I rarely send more then one card. The maximum I send is 3 cards. Yes the two other cards have takers already.

Can you give me the players home or email address?

No.  If a player doesn’t answer his fan mail, he won’t answer if you send a request to his home address.


~ by Hockey Ink on September 8, 2008.

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